The average American spends 23 hours and 36 minutes cleaning every month. That’s nearly six hours a week. Unfortunately, that time can add up quickly, causing you to miss out on quality time with your family (and 69% of Americans agree!). With the right kitchen cleaning tips, you can get your kitchen squeaky clean without wasting valuable time.

Not sure where to start after cooking up a storm? Read on for the kitchen cleaning advice you need today!

1. Clear Clutter

Before using the rest of these effective kitchen cleaning tips, take the time to remove clutter from your kitchen. Clutter gives dust more places to settle. It can also impact your mental health.

For example, mental health can tell your brain your work is never done. It can make it difficult for us to relax by bombarding the mind with excessive stimuli, too.

Clutter also:

  • Makes it difficult for you to find what you need
  • Creates feelings of guilt
  • Causes frustration
  • Inhibits productivity and creativity
  • Causes anxiety
  • Triggers feelings of embarrassment

You won’t want to invite guests over if your kitchen is a mess! Instead, give every item in your kitchen its own designated spot. After using and cleaning it, put the item right back where it belongs.

Try to clear your counters, too. You’ll have more space when it’s time to cook.

2. Audit the Fridge

As you begin cleaning your kitchen, it’s easy to neglect areas that are out of sight (and therefore out of mind). Open the fridge and freezer. Remove any food items that are old, expired, or unwanted.

If any items are close to their expiration date, move them to the front of the shelf as a reminder to use or toss them soon.

Add plastic mats to your fridge to make it easier to clean in the future.

3. Go Green

Consider using green cleaning supplies when cleaning your kitchen.

For example, a combination of lemon and white vinegar can help your kitchen sparkle. Slice a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a bowl, then place the entire lemon in the bowl.

Run the bowl in your microwave for three minutes to clear away grime.

You can also place a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack of your dishwasher. Run a cycle to clear hard-water deposits inside.

Use half a cup of baking soda and a few tablespoons of water to create a paste. Then, coat the inside of your oven with it. Let the paste sit overnight before cleaning your oven with a damp cloth in the morning.

4. Let It Soak

While cooking, let your dishes soak in the sink. You’ll have an easier time cleaning away food particles before putting your dishes in the washer.

Struggling to clean your old baking sheets? Use a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to help your baking sheets look brand new.

Sprinkle baking soda over the sheet before adding a few sprays of hydrogen peroxide. Then, add another layer of baking soda and let it sit. Wipe the baking sheet a few hours later and it should look squeaky clean!

You can let your oven rack soak, too. Instead of scrubbing it clean (which can leave scratches), fill your bathtub with powder washing detergent. Let the oven racks sit for a few hours before rinsing them clean with water.

5. Tackle Grout

Grime, oil, and dirt can accumulate against your backsplash over time. Use a combination of baking soda and a little water to create a homemade paste.

Use a scrubbing brush to clean the grout between your backsplash tiles for a thorough clean.

6. Check the Disposal

A smelly garbage disposal can leave an undesirable odor in your kitchen, even after you toss out the trash. Create lemon ice cubes by filling an ice cube tray with water, rock salt, and lemon wedges. Once they’ve frozen over, pop the cubes into the drain.

Run your garbage disposal until the ice is gone.

The rock salt will scrub the blades as the ice removes grime and gunk. Meanwhile, the lemon will leave a pleasant scent in your sink.

7. Work Top to Bottom

The next time you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, consider using your time wisely. You can get ahead of messes by cleaning while you cook.

For example, perhaps you’re waiting for water to boil. Wipe down your kitchen counters or sweep while you wait. If dinner is in the oven, start cleaning the dishes you used while it cooks.

Make sure to work from the top of your kitchen to the bottom as you use these tips.

Clean the top or inside of your kitchen cabinets first. Dust, cobwebs, and other particles will fall to the floor. If you clean the floor first, you could waste valuable time cleaning it twice.

Use a vacuum brush attachment to clean out your cabinets and pantry shelves to get every crumb.

The range hood in your kitchen is a grease magnet that dust can cling to over time. Use a few drops of vegetable oil on a cloth to wipe the surface down.

Hard water deposits can build up within your dishwasher. If your dishes don’t look clean, pour an entire container of Tang into your empty dishwasher and run a full cycle to remove deposits.

Polish the woodwork in your kitchen using lemon oil and vinegar. As a DIY wood polish, this solution can leave your kitchen squeaky clean and shining. You can also use this solution on baseboards, cabinets, and the pantry door.

8. Hire Professionals

If you’re struggling to work through your kitchen cleaning checklist alone, consider requesting professional services this year. A professional cleaning company can clean your kitchen (or entire home) on a routine schedule.

You can set it, forget it, and have peace of mind knowing an experienced team is on the job! Meanwhile, you can start spending more time with family without neglecting your kitchen.

Keep It Clean: Start Using These Kitchen Cleaning Tips Today

Don’t let oil, food particles, and grime build up in your kitchen. Instead, keep it squeaky clean using these eight easy tips. You can keep your kitchen looking brand new after moving in!

Remember, you don’t have to tackle your kitchen alone. Instead, request professional home cleaning services this year.

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