Move In / Move Out Clean

| MaidLuxe House Cleaning Houston

Our Move In / Move Out Cleaning Service is perfect for getting a home ready for it’s new family.

Move In / Move Out offers:

  • Handwash Ceiling fan blades
  • Handwash light fixtures
  • Vacuum/Handwipe blinds
  • Vacuum curtain tops
  • Handwash doors & door frames
  • Handwash exterior kitchen/bathroom cabinets from top to bottom
  • Handwash empty interior kitchen/bathroom cabinets
  • Vacuum lower air vent returns
  • Handwash baseboards
  • Handwash windowsills
  • Handwash stairs
  • Handwipe all wood moldings
  • Handwash outside of appliances
  • Handwash stovetop
  • Handwash countertops & backsplash
  • Handwash all Mirrors
  • Handwash shower/bathtub and tile
  • Handwash all bathroom counters
  • Vacuum or dust stairs
  • Vacuum and/or Mop all Floors
  • Microwave interior/exterior cleaned

Get Your Home Cleaned!

| MaidLuxe House Cleaning Houston

Your home should be clean and sparkly all the time, but your personal life shouldn’t suffer because of it.
Let us do the “dirty” work for you.