Did you know the average person spends between two to three hours on household tasks per day? That is a lot of time taken from your week. But do you know that you can actually claim some of that time back?

This can be done with a cleaning service, but you need to find the perfect one. Read on as we discuss the questions you need to ask when hiring a house cleaner in order to choose the right one.

1. How Do You Set Rates?

When hiring a maid, you will normally get charged by the hour. This can be calculated using the size of your property, or the area you wish to have cleaned. You may be charged extra depending on how many staff are sent or by the complexity of the cleaning.

First visits may vary as people get used to the property. You should simply state how long you want them to stay, capping the amount you spend. After this, ask for a base rate depending upon how often they visit, the property size, and the tasks you want them to perform.

2. How Long Have You Been Working In the Business?

Starting a successful cleaning service requires more than a basic knowledge of cleaning. Competition is high, and those that survive have to have an excellent reputation and customer service. That comes from knowing how to speak to customers and doing a consistently good job.

If the cleaner has been around a long time, then they are more likely to know the business. They will be able to estimate cleaning times better, and have tricks and hacks to clean stubborn stains and mess. Above all else, they will exude the professionalism that comes with having survived in a competitive industry.

3. Do You Have Insurance?

One of the most essential house cleaner questions is to ask if the person has insurance. In life and business, unexpected events can occur and things can go wrong at any time. In those situations, you need to be protected.

Finding an insured company inevitably costs less. But you are hiring a company that sacrifices professionalism for cost. If something gets broken or damaged, then you will be left to pay the bill.

Even worse, would be if the person got injured on your property. Without insurance, you may be liable for their damages. This could include compensation for loss of earnings and may even face a legal battle.

4. Who Will Be Working For You?

When hiring a cleaning service, it is unlikely that the owner will also be the only person working in the company. Therefore, it is important that the questions to ask cleaners include who will be visiting your property.

As it will be a slim chance you already know the employees, you can ascertain their trustworthiness with a background check. If the company does not have these, then you are letting strangers into your home to do what they like. You have no way of knowing who they are, where they have come from, or what they have done in the past.

Once they have this, ask about how they screen employees. You also do not want to be paying people who have little experience in the required field.

5. What Is the Basic Service?

The cleaning company should have a checklist. This includes what the basic services are, and you need to look at them carefully. That is because not all cleaning services will provide the same basic service.

One company may think that vacuum and dusting is a basic service. However, you may have been expecting clean windows and the beds made. By knowing what to expect in advance, you can see which company gives the best service for the price.

In addition, you can also add or remove services. For example, if service includes weekly oven cleaning, you may be able to negotiate a price without it.

6. What Supplies Are Needed?

To begin, you need to establish who brings the cleaning supplies. Different companies have different approaches to this. Some may bring their own, while others may give you a list to stock up on.

If you are purchasing them, then get a comprehensive list of cleaning fluids, sprays, and goods you need. In this instance, as you are buying them anyway, you should ask the cleaner if they have a preference for types of brands. You should also ensure all of your equipment, such as the vacuum, are in working order and charged.

7. What Are the Rules for Pets?

Pets can be a minefield when hiring a cleaner. Firstly, the cleaning company may charge an additional fee for homes with pets. Establish this when getting a quote.

When they do come to clean, it makes their job much harder if your pet is running around. They may not mind, and the odd lazy cat may not make much of a difference. But active pets like multiple dogs will cause problems.

Ask the cleaner what they want you to do with the pet. It may be as simple as putting them in a yard or room until the cleaning is complete.

8. Do You Have Quality Assurance?

One of the most important house cleaner questions is to ask how they gauge quality work. Will they ask you what you thought of the service? Do they do checks themselves?

It also pays to ask what happens if you are not happy with the service. If you can’t get a discount on future services or a reclean, then you are back to square one searching again.  Find out what their procedures are before you begin.

Hiring a House Cleaner

By following these steps for hiring a house cleaner, you should be able to locate a great service. Don’t forget to ask friends, family, and business owners for recommendations.

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