We all want a home that’s clean and organized. The trick is to find tips that make it quick and easy. For many of us, keeping our home organized gets pushed down on the priority list until things get so bad that you can’t find anything. Before you get to that point, check out these home organization tips from a housekeeper.

Attack Clutter like a Professional Housekeeper

While any part of your home can fall victim to clutter, some areas seem to be clutter magnets. These are the areas you need to attack first. The kitchen counters fall under this category. Since many people are going in and out of the kitchen, they seem to drop things down on the counter and never pick them up again. Kitchen counters get piled with junk. Look through these piles first, throw away any garbage, and put everything else where it needs to go.

Next, head to the living room and check out those coffee tables. Books, magazines, and mail tend to live there. Go through them and see what you can get rid of. Also, think about how functional those coffee tables are in your home. Perhaps you can benefit more from an ottoman that has storage space below. This gives you space on top to put a glass of water and storage on the bottom to put those books and magazines.

The bedroom can be the last stop on your clutter tour. Nightstands and bedroom dressers are also clutter magnets in your home. You should reserve these spaces for a few pictures and small items. Some people don’t keep anything at all on top of them! Limiting the number of items you put here will not only keep clutter at bay but will also make it easier for a housekeeper to come in and clean those surfaces.

Store Items Like a Professional Housekeeper

When you start talking about organization, people tend to run to the store and buy storage bins. But, if you’re just going to throw all your clutter in there, you’re not getting the job done. Before you stock up on storage bins, purge your closets and drawers. See what needs to be thrown away and what can be donated. You may even want to have a tag sale. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

After you do all this and see what you have left to store, you can then go out and buy storage bins for those items. You not only save space on storage but also save money on bins you don’t need.

Color Code Your Closet

Your closet is another clutter hot spot that needs to be organized. Start with your clothes and sort them by color. This will make it easier to find that certain piece of clothing when you need it. Plus, it will make your closet look cleaner and more colorful!

Organize Boots in Your Closet

Next, look at the shoes and boots that are cluttering your closet floor. Hang boots using pants hangers. This will not only keep them off the floor but will help them keep their shape as they’re hanging upright. For regular shoes, consider buying a shoe organizer to put in your closet or one you can hang behind the closet door.

Housekeeper ProTip: Arrange Items by How Frequently You Use Them

One great way to stay organized is to arrange items in your home by how frequently you use them. Go through your cabinets and closets and take stock of what you have. In the kitchen, you may realize that you use your hand mixer a few times a week, but maybe your blender only gets used occasionally. Put the blender in the back and the hand mixer in the front.

As you’re going through items, you’ll come across things you never knew you had. Think about each one and either start using it or get rid of it.

Tackle Children’s Bedrooms & Playrooms like a Housekeeper

Kids’ rooms and playrooms are best organized using bins. This makes the room look clean and organized while making it easy for kids to get their things. Save the closet space for the items you don’t want your kids touching.

If you get a shelving unit that has plenty of low bins they will not only be able to store those items but also put their toys away. Start those organization skills early!

Store Sheets More Efficiently

Storing sheets, especially the fitted bed sheets, can look messy and be a pain. To keep all the pieces together and make it look nicer, put all of the sheets into one of the pillowcases. This way you know that all of the sheets are together and they are easier to stack up and store in your linen closet.

Housekeeper’s Tips for Home Office Organization

Don’t forget your home office in your organization efforts! If you have a home office with a small computer or laptop, buy a table or desk to put your equipment on. If you have many files, invest in a filing cabinet to keep things organized. This way you can just go and look for the file when you need a specific piece of paper.

Are You Ready for a Housekeeper?

Once you feel as though your home is organized, it’s time to get a housekeeper to do the dirty work. That’s where Maid Luxe comes in. You can choose from a variety of service packages to find the one that best suits your needs. Whether you need dusting, vacuuming, or blinds and ceiling fans wiped off, we’ve got you covered.

Whichever package you choose, you can expect professional service at reasonable prices. Once you hire a housekeeper to come in one time, you may also want to consider regularly scheduled visits by our Maid Luxe team. Call us today at 713-242-8935 to get started on your road to a cleaner home!