Cleaning your home may seem impossible. Every time you get rid of one pile of clutter you notice that there’s plenty more every time you look around. It feels like a never-ending battle with trying to keep your home clean. 

As we’ve learned, keeping your home cleaned is an asset. It keeps you healthy and makes you feel put together. If only there were tricks on getting rid of clutter and keeping your home looking and feeling clean. 

Lucky for you, there are several tips and tricks for keeping your house put together. It’s time to clean how to keep a neat and tidy home! Let’s learn how to get rid of clutter together. 

1. Go Through Your Clothing

Used clothing is one of the biggest sources of clutter in a home. As we go through our everyday lives we seem to find more articles of clothing we think we need. Did you know that textiles make up a good portion of our landfills

Going through any items you haven’t worn in a while. These are the ones that won’t be missed if you get rid of them. Always try to donate any used items that are in good shape to a secondhand store. 

2. Items That Have Been Broken

Broken items overstay their welcome constantly. If something is broken it’s better to toss it. Holding into those items and thinking you’re going to fix them typically doesn’t happen. 

If you’ve been holding broken items it’s time to get rid of those particles. Toss out those broken items and keep the clutter in your home down to a minimum. 

3. Organize That Junk Draw

Almost every home has a junk draw that stands as a catch-all for odds and ends. By going through that junk draw periodically, you reduce the items that need to be thrown away in your home. You may even find those lost items you’ve been looking for. 

Take a moment to go through your junk draw. Throw out any broken odds and ends that you don’t need. By doing this, you take away one of the small piles of junk that aren’t needed and gather more dust in your home. 

4. Look at Expiration Dates

One of the biggest problems inside many homes is letting expired food sit on shelves. Your fridge and your pantry should always be gone through to avoid home clutter.  

Besides, getting rid of those old food items gives you space to buy better items. Chances are if you haven’t used the food item and it’s gone past its exploration date sitting on the shelf it isn’t even something you enjoy. 

Don’t hold onto those items you’ll never cook. Instead, go through your selves and toss anything that’s been sitting for too long. 

5. Recycle All Old Paper

You do not need those papers that are lying around and collecting dust. Do something with any items that may be important. The rest of it needs to be put in the recycle bin. 

Paper is something that gathers easily. You may find that all of those old pieces of mail and newspaper are just gathering dust. it’s okay to toss that stuff away periodically. 

Old paper can also stand as a fire hazard within your home. Throw out any old items that you may not have looked at recently and prevent any risk of a fire starting. 

6. Clean Inside of Those Cabinets 

If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. For many people, this is the mentality that occurs. Instead of throwing items out, we simply shut them away so that they can’t be seen. This doesn’t help keep your house clean and tidy. 

Don’t be afraid to throw items out. Go through your cabinets and toss anything that you haven’t used in a while. There is no need to hold onto everything you’ve accumulated over time. 

7. Electronics You Don’t Use, You Don’t Need

A great asset of clutter removal is getting rid of items you don’t need. This should always include going through your electronics. We tend to hold onto those items well after we replace them. 

If you don’t use an electronic you do not need it. Those excess electronics can be thrown out or recycled to become new parts. Old electronics aren’t like clothes, they aren’t going to come back into working order. 

Toss out that old junk. 

8. Fall Into a Routine 

Set forth a plan of regularly putting certain things away and getting spaces taken care of. By having a routine,  you begin to do things automatically. It is a constant reminder to always clean up your space behind you. 

Having routines helps to keep you on a consistent schedule. 

9. Set Yourself a Schedule 

While cleaning should always be done, you should still set aside a schedule of time to clean certain things. By setting a schedule you have a secure time to make sure those items are all carefully in their places. It gives you the necessary time to maintain your home. 

Putting aside a schedule gives you a straightforward plan on when you should be cleaning particular spaces. 

Getting Rid of Clutter Isn’t Easy

It may seem impossible to keep your home clean. Getting rid of clutter can be a major asset to this. By getting rid of clutter you reduce the items in your home that need to be constantly cleaned up. 

Follow our suggestions and keep some of that home a little more organized. By doing this you set up an easier job for yourself in the long run. 

For help with the rest of your home cleaning process, you have us. Give us a call when you’re ready to attain a new level of cleanliness. We’re here to help you feel comfortable in your own space.