We all dream of the perfect home. As we sit on our living room couches, we imagine a clean and shiny floor with crystal clear windows and fans free of dust. It’s a beautiful sight and then, we’re brought back to reality. 

We soon realize that our homes aren’t as clean as we’d like them to be and it’s time for some house cleaning tips. Maintaining a clean house isn’t always as simple as it seems. This is especially true when living with pets and small children. 

It seems as though there’s always more cleaning to be done. You’re constantly cleaning and it never ends. How can you conduct home cleaning that’s effective and efficient? 

In the guide below, there are several helpful house cleaning tips for you to keep in mind. Continue reading below to start clean living! 

Sanitize Your Cleaning Tools

Before you pick up a single sponge or cloth, the first thing you need to do is sanitize your cleaning tools. If you’re cleaning with an unsanitized sponge or cloth, then are you really cleaning? You could potentially be spreading germs around the home. 

If you’re not using a brand new sponge or cloth straight from the washer machine, then you need to sanitize first. To sanitize, you can easily throw these items into the washer machine or dishwasher. You can also place them in the microwave for only 30 seconds.

Once your cleaning tools are sanitized, you can then begin your cleaning. 

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Trying to keep up with the cleanliness of a large home can be difficult at times. It’s even more difficult when you don’t have a cleaning schedule and cleaning chart to follow. When creating your cleaning schedule, make sure it makes sense for you. 

Select different cleaning tasks to be completed each day, for the week, and for the month. You can then ensure everything in the home is cleaned on a regular basis. 

Conduct Small Cleaning Tasks Daily

When considering how to create your cleaning schedule, you should be sure to conduct small cleaning tasks on a daily basis. These are cleaning tasks that are done to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in the home. For example, all dirty dishes should be cleared from the table and placed in the sink or dishwasher. 

Counters should be wiped down after preparing food. Towels in the bathroom should be hung up and all dirty laundry should be placed in laundry baskets or in the laundry room. Conducting simple cleaning tasks like these on a daily basis will help keep your home tidy. 

Clean From Top to Bottom

As you conduct various cleaning tasks, do try to remember to clean from top to bottom. What does this mean? You don’t want to clean your floors and then wipe down the counters. 

This could create more work for you. Instead, start by dusting and wiping down high surfaces, such as the ceilings, ceiling fans, and tops of bookshelves. Then, wipe down lower surfaces such as tables, dressers, and entertainment centers. The very last thing you want to clean is the floor. 

Clean Task by Task, Not Room by Room

It’s also beneficial to clean task by task rather than room by room. For example, one of the first tasks you might complete is dusting. Grab your duster and start at one end of the house, making your way to the other side (remember to dust from top to bottom as well). The next cleaning task might be to wipe down all glass windows and mirrors, then wipe down all lower surfaces, and so on. 

This will make cleaning a bit quicker and simpler for you. 

Recruit Family Members

There’s a lot of house to clean and it can be a daunting task to do so when you’re trying to tackle it all on your own. Rather than putting all of the weight on your shoulders, it’s time to distribute some of it to others in the house. Recruit all family members to help you clean by delegating cleaning tasks. 

Even the little ones can help with simple chores such as wiping down the mirrors or dusting anything they can reach with the duster. This will reduce the stress associated with cleaning and speed up the cleaning time. 

Enforce a No-Shoe Rule

Do you currently allow shoes in your home? If you haven’t stopped to think about what’s carried on the bottom of shoes, then now is the time to do so. The bottoms of shoes hold multiple germs and bacteria. 

When you allow shoes in your home, you also allow all of these germs in your home, which can quickly spread. Make sure you provide a shoe shelf near the front door for everyone to place their shoes on when arriving home. This will help keep your floors clean and your home healthy. 

Contact Professional House Cleaners

We know just how difficult it is to keep a home clean when you have several family members living in it and a busy schedule of your own to stick to. When you’d rather prioritize work, family time, and social life, then don’t hesitate to contact professional house cleaning services.

Professional house cleaners offer customizable cleaning services, so you can select a cleaning package that works well for you. You can then spend your free time on the things that matter most in life while still coming home to a clean house. 

The Best House Cleaning Tips Make All the Difference

When you have all of the best house cleaning tips in your back pocket, you can ensure a healthy, clean home every day of the week! Don’t have time to keep your house clean on a regular basis? Are you looking for help with only a few select things around the house, such as laundry? 

Maidluxe is here to help! We offer a variety of house cleaning services. Request a quote today to get started!