Moving homes is an exciting process but not without challenges, with many claiming this event is more stressful than other significant life events, such as getting a divorce. The demands of a move can mean you make some moving-out mistakes, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Move-out cleaning mistakes can lead to lost deposits, unsatisfied new occupants, poor references, and disputes. The good news is that you can take steps to make the move-out cleaning process a breeze.

The first step is to be aware of the common move-out cleaning mistakes. Here are some of the top mistakes and how to avoid them.

Cleaning Before Packing

While cleaning is not everyone’s idea of fun, packing can be even lower on this list. Around 70% of Americans get stressed about packing to travel, so when it comes to moving homes, the task can feel even more overwhelming.

However, do not clean before you pack because you will end up having to clean again. Moving items can reveal neglected cleaning spots and leave debris.

How to Avoid

Save yourself energy by waiting to clean once you have packed. It will be more effective to clean this way without items obstructing the process. It is also the perfect way to do a final check, ensuring you do not leave anything behind. 

Postponing the Move-Out Cleaning Process

A common mistake is leaving the move-out cleaning process until the last minute. However, it can lead to delays in moving as you attempt to leave the house in a presentable condition. And if you don’t, then you risk complaints and consequences with the new occupants.

How to Avoid

Make a move-out checklist in advance and ensure cleaning is on there. Preparing your packing in advance will also ensure you do not delay the cleaning process. Consider professional cleaning support if you have to move last minute. 

Packing Away Cleaning Supplies

So, you’re ready to clean, but where is the disinfectant? With a sinking heart, you realize it is lost in the sea of boxes as you have packed your cleaning supplies. You only have two choices: unpack until you find it or buy new supplies.

How to Avoid

Avoid unnecessary unpacking and costs by organizing your cleaning supplies. Put them together in a box marked with details of each product. You can also make a cleaning product checklist in advance to ensure you have all the cleaning items you need to leave your house sparkling clean.

Skipping Cleaning Air Vents, Ducts, and Filters

Some parts of the home remain out of sight, out of mind, which means you can overlook cleaning them. However, these spots will make themselves known at some point and can have debilitating consequences. This includes the air vents, ducts, and filters.

How to Avoid

Ventilation is essential to avoid issues with health, HVAC systems, and the home climate, so be sure to clean them before you move out. Cleaning air vents and other ventilation spaces can be tricky, so use a vacuum or duster with an extended handle. You can also run your HVAC systems to ensure nothing is clogged or schedule an inspection before you leave.

Not Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen devices can have lots of grime, food particles, and grease, especially if you cook regularly. Do not leave this unpleasant gift for new occupants, who will quickly notice any dirty kitchen appliances. Common kitchen parts people do not clean include the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and cabinet fronts.

How to Avoid

Do a cleaning checklist for the kitchen. Once you finish using certain appliances, you are not taking with you; you can start cleaning them and sealing them away. You can sponge down cabinets, soak oven grates to remove stains, and soak the dishwasher filter before running a hot water cycle with a solution such as white vinegar.

Cleaning, Not Disinfecting Different Rooms

There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting different rooms. As you are moving out, it is essential to perform a more thorough clean that involves disinfecting, especially spaces such as the bathroom. Otherwise, the dirt you cannot see, such as bacteria, will remain.

How to Avoid

Make sure you have the right products to clean, do not depend on soap and water. If you do not feel comfortable disinfecting, get professional cleaning support. They will efficiently disinfect your home.

Leaving Trash and Food

Homeowners often forget to take the trash out or leave food in the refrigerator when they move. However, food quickly begins to rot, and waste leaves an unpleasant smell. Plus, garbage can attract pests such as bugs and rodents, leaving your home looking unpleasant for the new occupants.

How to Avoid

Remember to donate or dispose of any food you have left in the home. Empty the trash in advance and double-check before you leave that all garbage has been removed. You can also clean the trash cans and turn them upside down to remember not to add extra trash.

Avoiding Decluttering

Moving homes is the perfect time to declutter. After all, clutter can cause many adverse physical and mental effects. Clutter also makes it harder to complete the move-out cleaning process. 

How to Avoid

When packing, begin to sort out what you no longer need. Donate to a local charity or to loved ones. Avoid leaving a lot of clutter in the home when you leave, as it can make your home appear messier. 

Avoid All These Move-Out Cleaning Mistakes

These are some of the most common move-out cleaning mistakes, but in order to guarantee that the move-out cleaning process goes smoothly, get support. Cleaning services have the resources, experience, and staff numbers to leave your old home in the best condition.

It will save you stress and time too. You can then focus on other moving-out tasks with peace of mind that the cleaning is under control.

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