There are more than 138 million homes across America and your home provides a place of safety and comfort for you and your loved ones. In fact, you will spend the majority of your time in your home. 

Because of this, your home and its appearance can have a big impact on your wellbeing. While living in a dirty home can affect your physical health, it can also cause emotional stress

So what is the best way to keep your home looking clean all year round? Well, attention to detail is key and this means taking care of large surfaces in your home. This includes your walls. 

Not sure how to clean a wall? Then you’re in the right place. Read our wall cleaning guide now for all our top tips.

Make Sure You Know What Type of Wall You Are Dealing With 

When it comes to wall cleaning, it is important that you know which type of surface you are dealing with. This will determine the best materials to use and your cleaning technique. 

Without knowing this you could do serious damage to your walls.

How to Clean a Wall With a Flat, Satin, or Eggshell Finish 

Flat, satin, or eggshell finishes are all very delicate so it is important to take care when cleaning them. You should avoid using harsh chemicals on these.

Instead, wash them using a soft sponge with diluted cleaning solution on it. You do not want your sponge to be too wet and must not scrub your walls too hard. This could remove the paint completely.

How to Clean a Wall With a Gloss or Semi-Gloss Finish 

Gloss and semi-gloss finishes are a bit tougher and this makes them popular choices in kitchen areas and bathrooms.

You can clean these using mild cleaning solutions or decreasing agents. However, you should still apply these using a soft sponge and scrub gently to prevent scratching.

How to Clean Latex Paint 

If any of the walls in your home are decorated using latex paint then you can use an all-purpose cleaning solution on them. Warm water, dish soap, or white vinegar will all work. 

All you need to do is dip your sponge in your solution and wring it out before cleaning your walls. If you use vinegar, you can get rid of the odor more quickly by wiping your walls down with a damp cloth afterward. Otherwise, the smell should go away once your walls are dry.

Dust Your Walls Before You Start Cleaning

One of our tips wall cleaning tips is to dust your walls before you put any cleaning products on them. Your walls might not look dusty but once they get any moisture on them debris will quickly show up.

You can dust your walls using a broom and should always start from the top down. A clean paint frush or microfiber cloth can help you clean hard-to-reach corners.

If you need help with making sure that your home is free from dust before you clean, you can contact the professionals to help with this type of service

Be Careful When Cleaning a Wall

It is important to keep safety in mind when cleaning so always wear gloves when handling cleaning fluids. 

If you are cleaning around light switches or power outlets, make sure you switch these off at the fuse box first. You should let your walls dry fully before turning the power back on.

Perfect Your Cleaning Technique 

If you want your clean walls to look smooth, you need to figure out what the right technique looks like. This is more complicated than simply scrubbing at them with a sponge. 

You will need: 

  • A couple of soft sponges 
  • A bucket of warm water 
  • A bucket with your diluted cleaning solution in it
  • Some dry microfibre cloths

Once you have dusted your walls, start working your cleaning solution into the walls using a damp sponge. You should apply this in circular motions and begin at the top of your wall. Then you can wipe off any residue with warm water from your rinsing bucket. 

After this, you can dry your walls using your microfiber cloths.

You should make sure that you always clean your wall with a clean sponge or microfiber cloth. So you may need to swap sponges part-way through if your walls are particularly dirty.

Spot Test Your Cleaning Solution

If you aren’t sure what sort of finish your walls have you can still clean them. In that case, you should start by cleaning them as if they have a flat, satin, or eggshell finish.

Before you start, you should always spot test your cleaning products on your walls. Try to do this in an area of your wall that is less noticeable and leave it for 24-hours before you start cleaning. 

Cleaning solutions that are too harsh will leave streaks or stains on your wall. If this happens, it’s time to find another cleaning agent!

Take on Stubborn Stains Second 

Stubborn stains are a natural part of everyday life when it comes to cleaning. That said, it is important to tackle them properly. 

You should always tackle these after cleaning your whole wall. This will give your cleaning solution a chance to do as much work as possible.

If this does not work on your stains, you can make a stain removal paste from baking soda and water. You should rub this onto any stains using a clean, soft sponge or cloth. Work this into the stain and leave it for five minutes before removing it with a damp cloth.

Get Help With Your Wall Cleaning 

As you can see, when it comes to how to clean a wall there is a lot to keep in mind. Follow these top tips and you’ll have your walls looking stunning in no time at all!

Do you need more help keeping your home clean? Then, get in touch today to organize a visit from our expert cleaning services.