Imagine going through your day as normal. You wake up, turn on the lights, and head downstairs after getting dressed. Consider how many things you already touched in the first few minutes.

Add up everything you touch in a day, and your home may seem or feel dirtier than ever. Keeping it clean is crucial for maintaining your health and lowering your stress.

So keep reading to learn more about what surfaces need daily cleaning.

1. Sponge

You may think you can go without cleaning your sponge because you use it with soap. Keeping it clean shouldn’t be that hard. However, your sponge can be a host of a lot of bacteria.

Odds are you don’t let your sponge sit long enough for it to dry. The moisture can attract bacteria to your sponge. Fortunately, you can clean your sponge in the dishwasher or with a cleaning solution.

Use the hottest cycle in your dishwasher and use the dry cycle to wash and dry it. That way, it will be clean for you to use on your dishes.

2. Dish Towels

Dish towels are another thing that you need to clean every day. Like sponges, cleaning your dish towels every day may seem unnecessary because you use them on clean dishes or clean hands.

However, think about what you do when cooking. When your hands get wet or dirty, consider where you wipe them off.

Your dish towels are easy to access and convenient. But that means they’ll be dirty when you go to wipe off your clean hands or dishes later.

3. Kitchen Counters

Your kitchen counters are another thing that needs daily cleaning. You may be thinking, why is it important to keep your kitchen clean?

Even if you hardly use it to cook, you should clean your counters to get rid of dust and food scraps. If you let crumbs sit on your counter, you could attract bugs, and then you’ll need a more thorough cleaning.

Keeping your kitchen counters clean doesn’t have to be hard. Make sure to use a cleaning solution after you finish making dinner. That way, you won’t attract pests.

4. Your Purse or Bag

If you use a purse or bag each day, consider where you put it when you leave the house. Odds are you set it on the floor or hang it off a chair or hook.

Unless you only ever take it on errands where it stays on your shoulder, your bag is bound to pick up dirt and bacteria. Even then, you never know what germs might touch the bag.

When you get home, don’t be afraid to wipe down your purse or bag. You don’t need to use a ton of cleaning solution, but use at least a towel to wipe off any obvious dirt and grime.

5. Your Cellphone

You should also clean your cellphone each day. Keeping it clean for a long time is hard if you don’t want to store it away.

In fact, cell phones can have more bacteria than public restrooms, and some of those germs can cause diseases. And you’re exposing your hands and face to those germs each day.

You can use a towel or a microfiber cloth to wipe down your phone. And take some time away from your phone to keep yourself healthy. Your phone is dirty, but keeping it clean doesn’t have to be impossible.

6. Remotes

If you have a TV or another remote-controlled appliance, clean the remote every day. You never know who may have touched it or where their hands have been.

Of course, your family should be the only ones touching it. But if someone is sick or was eating food while using the remote, it can get very dirty.

You wipe down the remote with a towel or a cleaning wipe. You don’t need to use a cleaning solution that could affect the remote’s function. But you can still ensure that the remote is clean and safe to use.

7. Entryway and Closet

You should also take time to clean and de-clutter your entryway and hall closet each day. As people get home from school or work, their belongings can pile up there and start to look like a mess.

People may leave their shoes out, and if the shoes are dirty, the floor can get that way. Take a few minutes each evening to organize your entryway and closet.

Use a cleaning solution to wipe up any dirt or mud from shoes. Then, you can make sure the entryway is clean and that you can find what you need the next morning.

8. Doorknobs and Appliance Handles

Your doorknobs and appliance handles face a lot of touching and use throughout the day. Think about every time you open and close a particular door. Consider how often you open the oven or microwave.

Each time you do that, you can transfer bacteria to or from your hand. And whenever someone else touches the doorknob or appliance, they can also transfer germs.

If multiple people use the same door or appliance, a lot of germs can move very quickly. So use a cleaning spray and a towel to wipe down any doorknobs and appliances that you use to keep everyone safe and healthy.

9. Light Switches

Along with doorknobs, light switches also get a lot of use throughout the day. You should spend a few minutes wiping down each light switch that you touch.

You don’t have to clean the switch after each use. But clean the switches once a day so that bacteria doesn’t build up. Feel free to clean them even more often if you or someone in your house feels sick.

That way, you can minimize the chances of others catching the disease. And even if you’re all healthy, cleaning your light switches is quick and easy. So don’t put it off until the weekend.

Keeping It Clean at Home

Your home can be a clean and enjoyable place to be. But it can also be dirty and have a lot of bacteria, so keeping it clean is essential.

Whether you live alone or with a family, you should take a few minutes each day to clean some common surfaces and places. That way, you feel better about touching things and living your life.

Do you need help keeping your home clean? Request a quote and schedule your maid service today.