Does the thought of dusting your home scare you? Most people feel overwhelmed and bored even before they start dusting. Cleaning and dusting a home can be quite fun.

You get to eliminate all particles and germs causing diseases and kill the dust mites in your house. Dust is one of the significant contributors to poor indoor air quality. A dusty home can be quite uncomfortable.

Follow the following simple steps to help you clean your dusty home.

1. Gather All the Tools You Need

The most challenging part about cleaning a dusty home is the continuous exercise of gathering the right tools whenever you want to start dusting. Ensure you gather and store all the required tools in one place to avoid searching for them again and again.

2. Adopt a Systematic Approach to Dusting

Don’t just randomly dust parts of your house. Ensure you adopt a systematic way of dusting the whole house to ensure you get rid of all the dust.

You can listen to your favorite music as you dust the house. According to research, music is known to motivate individuals when carrying out chores.  

3. Ensure You Regularly Rinse the Dusting Cloth

When dusting your house, the washcloth may become dirty quite often. Ensure you wash and rinse the dust off regularly. This will help you avoid applying the same dust particles all over the house.

4. Use Vacuum to Dust Furniture

One of the hardest things to clean is furniture, especially your seats and the headboard. Instead of using a cloth or a brush, it’s advisable to use a vacuum cleaner. The cloth or brush you use could spread the dust around the furniture, making it dirtier.

The vacuum cleaner will suck all the debris and dirt particles, especially the ones you can’t reach with a cloth or a brush. Remember also to use the vacuum to clean the layer of dust off the hard-to-reach areas of your house.

5. Clean Your Floor Often

After cleaning the counters and furniture, the dust particles often settle on the floor. The floor should be the last place you clean when dusting. You can use a mop or a floor brush to wipe off the particles from the floor surface,

6. Use Air Freshener

Dust leaves behind a specific smell in your house even after cleaning. You may feel the smell lingering in your indoor air after dusting. After cleaning the floor, use your favorite air freshener to keep the house smelling fresh.

7. Remember to Inspect the Ductwork

All the dust particles you clean from your house end up in your home’s ductwork. This leads to clogging of your air circulation system. If you don’t clean your ductwork, all the dust particles you cleaned will end up back on your furniture and floors.

If you have noticed specs and particles glimmering through the sun rays that are pouring into your house through the windows, your ductwork may need cleaning. Even the cleanest homes will have dander, dust, and dirt buildup in the ductwork; thus, regular cleaning is recommended.

8. Clean the Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are often forgotten when cleaning. However, they have a higher chance of collecting dust particles. You can use a bendable duster to clean the dust particles that settle on the fixtures.

If your house has very high ceilings, you may need a ladder to reach the fan. 

9. Clean the Bathroom Vents Too

Bathroom vents get very dirty, especially when they go for long periods without cleaning. They often suck up different types of dirt, including dust, moisture, and debris that’s caked together, making it quite hard to clean. You can use a vacuum with a brush attachment to suck up and loosen the caked-up dirt.

10. Ensure You’re Dusting in the Right Direction

Dust falls like rain; it starts from the top to the bottom. Therefore, when cleaning a dusty home, remember to start from the top to the bottom. If you start from the bottom, you will have to repeat the process all over again.

Another pro home cleaning tip is to work in a spiral formation- work clockwise tackling all the areas of the house, starting with the highest placed moldings and furniture pieces. Then you can move to the lower-placed items such as tabletops and seats and finish with the floorboard.

If you use this method to clean a dusty home, you will avoid spreading dust to the already-cleaned areas.

11. Consider Hiring Cleaning Experts

If you are unable to clean your house, you may opt for professional cleaning services. Keeping up with our busy schedules, house chores, and daily or weekly cleaning schedules can be quite a handful. Thus, you may require the services of cleaning experts to ensure your house is clean, tidy, and fresh as you handle other essential things.

A cleaning expert will help with the following duties:

  • Mopping and sweeping the floor
  • Washing the sinks and toilets
  • Vacuuming the carpets, upholstery, and furniture
  • Dusting furniture and other surfaces such as window ledgers

If you are sick or too busy to clean, it’s best to get a cleaning crew to take over. Cleaning your house while you are sick could worsen your condition. That’s because cleaning and dusting involve a lot of dust particles and chemical fumes that could further worsen your condition.

Are You Ready to Clean Your Dusty Home?

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