Have you ever noticed that a clean house just feels better?

That sensation isn’t your imagination! In fact, keeping a tidy house can have a wide variety of positive effects on your mental health, boosting your mood, reducing anxiety, 

The benefits don’t stop there. Living in a clean home can also prevent the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, and fungus that could otherwise make you and your family sick.

Even if you pay for professional home cleaning services, you’ll need to take care of a few tasks each day to keep your house spotless, safe, and relaxing to live in. Read on for helpful tips to maintain that fresh “just cleaned” feeling.

Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces Clean

It should come as no surprise that kitchens and bathrooms are among the germiest places in your home. So, maintaining them in between professional cleanings is absolutely essential.

Wipe down your kitchen’s prep surfaces, counters, and stove, after each use. And, don’t forget to disinfect high-traffic surfaces like your refrigerator door’s handle and your sink’s faucet while you’re at it.

In the bathroom, you’ll want to disinfect surfaces regularly, especially in parts of your home that are used by kids and guests. This applies to toilets, sinks, mirrors, and drawer or cabinet handles.

Sweep Every Day

Floors that turn your feet black and leave crumbs stuck to the soles of your feet are downright disgusting, not to mention a haven for germs and bacteria.

You should sweep tile and wood floors daily, and use a damp mop or dust mop as needed. If you have carpet, vacuum at least once a week.

Making your home’s interior a “shoe-free zone” and using floor mats at your front and back doors can also help to keep floors far cleaner, cutting down on the amount of outside dirt and debris that gets tracked in. 

If you have pets, you can also use sticky removers to strip the hair off of your furniture. And, while you’re at it, be sure to give high-traffic pet areas like food bowls and litter boxes a thorough sweep and mop or disinfectant wipe as needed. 

Cut the Clutter

While it might not impact your home’s actual cleanliness, clutter will definitely make your space feel dirty, cramped, and untidy.

Make it a point to pick up random objects around your house each day before piles have a chance to form. And, if you haven’t started a system for organizing things like paperwork and junk, take the initiative to do so now. 

Not sure whether items of clutter are technically trash? Try creating a small bin or basket for questionable items, and set a specific amount of time that you’ll wait to throw them out. That way, you won’t be looking at the same things sitting around for weeks or months on end.

Keeping a clutter-free house will also make your cleaner’s job easier, allowing them to get straight to work rather than rearranging your bric-à-brac during every visit.

Wipe up Spills and Crumbs Immediately

Whether it’s a broken-off piece of cookie, a glass of water, or something a bit nastier like a pet accident, you should clean up small messes straight away. This will prevent discoloration, keep unwanted pests like ants away, and help reduce the risk of major bacterial takeovers in your home.

A small hand broom and dust pan can make this task easier, as can handheld vacuum cleaners. You should also keep a few household rags, gentle detergent, and other stain-fighting agents handy so you can tackle hard-to-remove spills like red wine before they have a chance to set. 

If you share a home with kids, pets, or roommates, you’ll need to enlist the help of every resident to stay on top of spills. Make sure that everyone you live with knows not to let their mess lay around!

Don’t Let the Laundry Pile Up

Even though laundry might be among your professional cleaner’s offered services, letting it stack up during the week won’t give off the impression of a clean home. 

Dirty laundry tends to smell, and it can be a real breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, adding it to your housekeeper’s list of tasks might potentially detract from how much time they have to tidy up the rest of your house.

Use laundry baskets to store dirty clothes and linens in between washes, and try not to get more than one or two loads behind. That way, you’ll never wind up bogged down.

Take Out the Trash

While it might sound like common sense, taking the trash out is one of the top ways to keep your house feeling clean. And, it’s among the most commonly ignored, avoided, and overlooked household tasks. 

To make the job easier, try walking around your house with one central bag and dumping all of your small wastebaskets into it. That way, you just carry one load outside. 

This type of system will keep kitchens and bathrooms smelling fresh and make it easier to adopt green habits like recycling, as well! 

A Clean House Is a Happy House!

With this blog post as your guide, tidying up in between visits from your home cleaning team should be a breeze. And, you can make keeping up with these simple house chores even easier by creating a weekly checklist for yourself. That way, you’ll never feel overwhelmed at the end of the week or find yourself frantically cleaning before the housekeeper arrives. 

Whether you’re in the market for scheduled house cleaning or one-time service for a move or event, you’ve come to the right place. Contact MaidLuxe or call 713-242-8935 for more information on our services. 

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