Whether you’re a mom who stays at home or a mom who goes to work, cleaning is the same: time-consuming. You may like to clean or you may hate it, but either way, it takes up a good chunk of your life. The average American spends 15 hours a week on cleaning – that’s practically a part-time job. So why do we do it? Why do we spend so much of our valuable time on our home? I’ll tell you exactly why: because we want to live healthy, productive lives. We also want that for our children. A house with a little clutter is one thing, but a house with bacteria, mold, and hidden fungus is another. The dirtier our homes are, the sicker our kids are, and the less energy we have. And, for many women, hiring a housekeeper may feel like an admission to failure by implying that we’re not capable of “doing it all.” But it shouldn’t be.

Why Moms Need a Housekeeper

How many of us have the energy to do it all? To work, raise children, clean the house, and cook healthy meals? How many of us are “on” 24/7? Or a better question: how many of us actually get the time we need to rest and take care of ourselves?

Many of you may know other moms who have professional housekeepers. You may think it’s a luxury or that a housekeeper is just not in your budget. I am here to tell you that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, too overwhelmed to clean, it should be in your budget. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about that at all.

Here are 7 reasons why it’s more than okay to hire a housekeeper:

  • Your mind is your most valuable asset – and it’s already working overtime.

Cleaning takes a surprising amount of mental energy. As we’re bustling about and trying to keep up with all of the deep cleaning and housework, we’re also trying to spend time with our kids. We’re trying to make them feel loved and appreciated while giving them a safe and healthy environment. We spend a lot of time hoping we’re feeding them the right foods, teaching them the right things, and guiding them in the right direction. And while we’re cleaning up, we can often be self-critical. Taking the time to stop and the time to rest with our children is priceless. It quiets the self-doubt and allows for peace.

  • Your physical strength is precious – don’t use it all up.

This is another circumstance where it doesn’t matter what you do for a living. Working as a stay-at-home mom is just as exhausting as going to work. (A good kind of exhausting… but exhausting nonetheless.) When your physical strength is lacking, your mental strength is lacking. When your mental strength is lacking, you’re more likely to be shorter with your children or your spouse. Your physical strength can be put to better uses than cleaning 2-3 hours per day. You can be running with your kids in the park, going grocery shopping, running errands, or going to work with ease.

  • You will cook healthier meals more often.

It’s hard to get up the motivation to cook in a kitchen that’s a mess. Some days, we order food or stop somewhere because the thought of cleaning before cooking, making the meal, and then cleaning again is overwhelming. A clean kitchen is a motivating, peaceful space. Housekeepers can easily help with that.

  • You and your children will be healthier.

Did you know that something as simple as your hardwood floor can exacerbate allergies? Allergens and bacteria are not only on the floors but in your vents, your light fixtures, your microwaves, and your refrigerators. The simplest everyday surface can agitate a virus or an allergen. A lot of times, viruses aren’t even obvious. They can often just show themselves as fatigue. A regular cleaning service can regulate the bacteria and mold, making your environment healthier and safer for you and your family.

  • You will have more time for self-care.

Let’s face it ladies: we need self-care. Taking time for your own emotional and physical health is absolutely crucial when raising children. You need that time to recharge your batteries. It’s not a want – it’s a need.

  • You will have more time for actual work.

If you’re a busy working mom, it might be a nice idea to grab some overtime every now and then. It also might be nice to take work home early on a Friday so that you don’t have to be in the office all day. It’s hard to do these things when a messy home is looming over your head. It’s like going to work and coming home to work again. By getting yourself a housekeeper, you free up extra time to be more productive. You’ll also have the headspace to do it knowing you have a clean house and a free weekend.

  • You’ll be more comfortable entertaining.

Our friends are more important than we often remember. They remind us of who we are outside motherhood and who we were before we had children, and this is very grounding. They remind us to laugh at our mistakes, to cry when we need to, and to have more patience in life. Being understood is an amazing thing, and I think we forget that. Talking to friends and inviting them over is a form of self-care. If you have the right friends, they can restore your energy and remind you that you are a good mother. This is something we need to hear. But it’s not too much fun inviting people over when the house is dirty. Clutter is one thing, dirt is another. Think of how easy it would be to entertain people on a Friday night if you knew the housekeeper was coming over earlier in the day. Your friends would feel welcome and you would feel proud of your space.

Hiring a Housekeeper, Guilt Free

The last thing our children need is our guilt. We deserve to celebrate our accomplishments and revel in motherhood. It is a beautiful, tiring, wonderful, incredible thing. But in order to be good mothers, we need to take care of ourselves. Hiring a housekeeper is more than okay – it’s responsible!

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