If you’re a parent, you know that getting your children to clean their rooms is no easy task. When you walk into your child’s room, you may have to hop around so you don’t step on anything! As you move around you may even notice many items that don’t belong in there, like glasses and maybe even plates with leftover food…eek! Although your kids may think you’re the housekeeper, they should learn to kid their rooms clean. Here are some tips to get them started.

Get Rid of Food & Dishes

If you allow your kids to eat and drink in their room, have them start cleaning by looking around for any dishes, glasses, or water bottles that may be lingering. Many times these items never get brought back to the kitchen for one reason or another. The result is not only a messy room but also little bugs that may start to call your child’s room home. Make sure all of these items are gone before any other cleaning is done.

Have Them Make Their Bed Daily

Making the bed only takes a few minutes, but makes the room look much cleaner. Plus, there is research that shows that making your bed every day makes you more productive. Why not get your kids into this mindset at an early age? Get them into the habit of making their bed and see if it makes them more productive. Even if it doesn’t, at least the bed is clean and the room looks a little tidier.

Hang Up Clothes

Depending on how old your kid is, deciding what to wear in the morning may be an Olympic event. The result? Clothes all over the floor and everywhere else in the room. Teach your child to hang up their clothes. This will not only keep them clean but also result in less wrinkly clothes for you to iron.

Get a Toy Box

If you have little one around chances are there are a lot of toys in their room. A good-sized toy box can help to keep everything together. The inside of the box doesn’t need to be neat and tidy, but from the outside, everything will be because there will be fewer toys lying around the room. Teach your child to put the toys in the box when they’re done. It’s never too early to teach your kids the importance of picking up after themselves.

Help Them Purge as They Clean

If there are clothes, toys, and other items cluttering your child’s room, help them to get rid of some things as they clean. There are probably clothes that don’t fit or toys they don’t play with that can get taken out of their room. Teach them to make a pile of the things they no longer want or are using. Then, you can either donate them or try to sell them at a tag sale. Either way they are no longer taking up space in your child’s room which means fewer things to put away.

Teach Them to Keep Up with the Mess

Huge messes aren’t created overnight (usually). They are typically the result of days and weeks of not putting things away and throwing things all over the place. If you teach your child to keep up with the mess every few days, it won’t get out of hand. They’ll not only be able to find things easier, but they won’t have to spend a huge chunk of their day cleaning because they would have done a little bit every day.

Put a Hamper in Their Room

Besides clean clothes being thrown all over the room, there are probably plenty of items of dirty clothing in your child’s room too. If your child uses the excuse that the laundry room or hamper is too far away, put a pop-up hamper in their room. It won’t take up a lot of space and your child no longer has an excuse for not putting their dirty clothes in the hamper because it’s right in their room. If you have a housekeeper, you may even pay them to do the laundry. So, at least all of the dirty clothes will be in one place, ready to wash.

Teach Them to Use Storage Bins

If there isn’t a lot of closet space in their room, invest in storage bins to keep things neat and tidy. Clear bins are best because your kids can see what’s inside of them. They can also be labeled for even better organization.

Teach by Example

One of the best ways to help your child keep their room clean is to teach by example. If your room looks like a tornado blew through and you’re not doing anything to clean it, your child won’t think they have to do anything in their room. Keep up with the organization in your room for a better chance that your child will do the same.

Are You Ready to Hire a Housekeeper?

Once your child’s room is clean, you’re going to want to get the rest of your house clean. That means it’s time to hire a housekeeper. Maid Luxe can clean your house from top to bottom so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.

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