The average American spends 23 hours and 36 minutes on cleaning and housework each month. That equates to almost six hours every week! As a result, 69% of homeowners feel cleaning costs them valuable time with their families. Instead of trying to deep clean your home alone, consider investing in a housekeeper this year. With their help, you’ll have more free time on your hands.

That’s only the start! Read on to discover the top benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service today.

Help From Trained Experts

Hiring a housekeeping service will grant you access to trained, experienced experts. Your housekeeper will know the best, most efficient way to clean your home. You won’t have to waste valuable time learning how to clean specific surfaces or rooms.

For example, it’s important to consider what products you use on different surfaces. A multi-surface cleaner can cause wear and tear over time. The surfaces throughout your home will start looking dingy as a result.

An experienced housecleaner will know which products to use on different surfaces, including your floors, counters, and fabrics.

If there are stubborn stains on your carpets or couches, don’t worry. Your professional housekeeper will determine the best way to scrub it clean.

Relying on their experience and expertise can give you peace of mind.

Hiring a housekeeper from a long-established business can give you peace of mind, too. You’ll know the housekeeper was properly trained to use the best possible techniques. They’ll ensure every nook and cranny of your home is spotless and clean.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about background checks or vetting cleaners. Instead, you can trust your local housekeeping company to complete this process for you.

Stick to a Schedule

It’s normal for cleaning to fall to the backburner when you already have a long to-do list to work through. Unfortunately, neglecting to clean your home could lead to new problems. For example, mold and mildew might grow and spread.

Bacteria will have an easier time spreading throughout your home, increasing the likelihood of someone getting sick. Meanwhile, small messes can become a big invitation to cockroaches and other pests.

Hiring a cleaning service will ensure your home is deep cleaned on a set schedule. You won’t have to rush through cleaning your home alone. Instead, you can rest assured knowing your housekeeper is maintaining your home for you.

If an unexpected guest wants to come over, you won’t have to feel embarrassed about the state of your home. Instead, you can invite them over feeling confident that your home is organized, spotless, and stunning.

If you want to keep your home clean year-round, invest in a professional cleaning service this year.

Save Time and Money

On an average day, 86% of women and 71% of men spend some time on household activities, including cleaning. Women spend an average of 2.7 hours a day on these activities, while men spend 2.2 hours on cleaning.

Remember, that’s time you could dedicate to spending with friends and family members instead.

You don’t have to let cleaning steal time from your already-busy schedule. Instead, request a cleaning service this year. Hiring a housekeeper will save you valuable time.

Trained cleaners also know the most efficient way to clean residential properties. Chances are, they can clean your home faster than you can without sacrificing quality.

Higher Standards

It’s normal to rush through the process of cleaning your home, especially if you live a busy life. Unfortunately, rushing through the process can leave dirt, dander, and dust in small nooks and crannies. You might start neglecting hard-to-reach areas if you always rush through cleaning, too.

Professional housekeepers are trained to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. They won’t rush through the process of cleaning your home. Instead, they’ll tackle every surface and hard-to-reach corner.

Their thorough process will ensure there isn’t a single speck of dust left in your home. Meanwhile, their higher standards will help you impress guests. You can show off your stunning home feeling confident it’s organized and clean.

Professional Tools

Consider how much money you currently spend on cleaning supplies. It’s likely many of the products you purchase remain untouched throughout the week. Perhaps you’ve only used a few products once or twice.

You could start wasting money on supplies that fail to thoroughly clean your home. Instead, rely on a professional housekeeping team. These companies use high-quality, professional-grade products that aren’t available for consumer purchase.

For example, the company might use a HEPA vacuum, which can clear away even the smallest dust particles. Their cleaning solutions can tackle difficult, stubborn stains, too.

Consider talking to your home management company about green cleaning supplies, especially if a member of your family struggles with allergies.

Improved Health

Living in a cluttered, messy home could cause your cortisol levels to increase. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can have a detrimental impact on your mental and physical health. For example, high cortisol levels can cause:

  • Thinning skin
  • Easy bruising
  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Flushed face
  • Slowed healing
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Severe fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscle weakness

Chronic, excess cortisol can increase your risk of anxiety, depression, obesity, and heart disease.

Meanwhile, your ability to focus on your work could suffer. If you work from home, you could struggle to concentrate or produce quality work.

Hiring an experienced cleaning company can help reduce your stress levels. You’ll have an easier time sleeping each night, which can benefit your ability to focus during the day.

If a member of your family struggles with allergies, your professional cleaner can keep dust, pollen, and dander at bay. Professional cleaning services will clear the air throughout your home, making it a more comfortable, relaxing place to live.

Stunning Results: Consider Investing in a Housekeeper Today

Don’t let dust and dander collect throughout your home. Instead, consider investing in a housekeeper this year. With professional services, you can keep your home spotless and organized year-round.

Experience these benefits firsthand by requesting housekeeping services today.

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